Thrown for a Looper: A Review


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In this sci-fi/action hybrid, time travel exists, but it is illegal. Used mainly by the mob, it is the clean way to erase someone from existence. The set-up is a looper –a hired gunman, like Joe –is waiting to get rid of whoever is sent. Joe is living the high –life as a looper until he receives his termination of services from the mob—he’s sent his future self for assassination.

This film is an enthralling movie going experience that has a plot packed full of action thrills, an amazing lineup of award winning cast members, and a perfect medley of themes to keep an audience interested. But despite all the engaging and enthralling elements, I found Joseph Gordon Levitt’s makeup, to look like a young Bruce Willis, to be incredibly distracting and reminiscent of a wax figure. In all other respects, this was an absolute success of a film.

I think that it is a movie worth seeing, and perhaps, watching again, so that you can concentrate less on Levitt’s face and more on the plot.

4 out of 5 stars

5 Responses to “Thrown for a Looper: A Review”
  1. tonyyu16 says:

    I’ve been meaning to see this movie, can’t wait to find a good version to download! Thanks for the review.

  2. mash10media says:

    I loved the film and would have to agree with you on the wax figure look. That was my only problem.

    Awesome Review!

  3. Long time I do not see Bruce Willis acting! Good review!

  4. kwahju says:

    As a wax figures afficianado, I’m looking forward to see the waxy part.

  5. digicec says:

    Neat. Have you seen The One? Action flick with Jet Lee who fights himself in parallel universes. You might like it!

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